U.S Trade Deficit

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What is Trade Deficit?

Trade Deficit means that a country imports (consumes) a higher value of good and services than it exports (produces). This is comparable to spending more money than you’ve earned.

“We must always take heed that we buy no more from strangers than we sell them, for so should we impoverish ourselves and enrich them.”

– Discourse of the Common Wealth of this Realm of England, 1549

The current U.S Trade Deficit is $42 Billion


  1. Its white people that makes crap that China has to produce because they are too overweight to move their arses off. It seems Latino and African Americans are doing their bit to save the real USA

  2. As of 2014, $42 Billion looks good. The last deficit number I saw was for 2012 – which was for around $525 Billion!

    The Cumulative deficit is around $6 Trillion now!

    I want to see and infographic for that!

  3. It is time America went on diet, because the one you are on appears to be making you fatter – with debt that is. You want out of the problem – stop all the Republicans this and the Democrats that and focus on the issue – you are living well beyond your means and don’t have the collective courage to do something about it now Now is your chance to prove that you ARE the greatest country on earth as we are so often reminded..

  4. Travishis says:

    I can’t wait until January when the biggest tax increase in US history takes place (how ironic Obama made it after his first term was over). Then when companies move out of this country to stay in business and take jobs with them this will increase even more.

  5. Its funny to see a infographic on mercantilism (an economic theory discredited over 200 years ago) on my 21st century computer. Can you make an infographic about how to do alchemy? I want to be more informed about ignorant ideas.

    • Another democratic Obama ass kisser. Sorry these facts haven’t been skewed to your liking but I’m sure you will find a way.

      • He’s probably not a Democratic ass kisser as he is dissing mercantilism, which Obama has embraced. remember all those foreign trips that the Republicans criticise Obama for? The ones that have increased US exports by over 30% and resulted in thousands of jobs being created, and countless more being saved. Or do you prefer skewed propaganda to fact?

      • Anonymous says:

        It was Adam Smith’s book “The Wealth of Nations” that put the final nail in the coffin for Mercantilism. That was in 1776. Modern politics has nothing to do with this being a completely discredited idea. Obama has worked to open markets around the world so he is not a mercantilist.

  6. Impliment gold standard solve all finance problems.

  7. The Democrats have proven to be much better managers of public funds thant the Republicans. Public debt fell from 55% to 35% of GDP during the Clinton administration (1993-2001). It’s our only hope.

  8. Hey government Just give me one stack of $100 bills equal to the height of my house and I will be more than happy.

    • The government doesn’t create a trade deficit, it spends it’s money here. What creates a trade deficit is you buying made in China crap at walmart and those made in Vietnam GAP clothes you wear.

  9. Man this has to be one of the coolest infographics I have seen well done. If Obama stays in office I’m sure we can expect that $42 billion trade deficit to keep increasing.

    • Obama’s focus on international trade has decreased the trade deficit. He has increased US exports by over 30%, that is 30% more money flowing into the country eve year. That trade deficit has decreased thanks to Obama.

  10. $42 billions dollars in debt! This is a staggering figure when you have something physical to compare it too – when will it end?

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