How To Avoid Being Scammed

We will update this page as often as possible to alert you with information about different types of loan scams. You can avoid being scammed by using common sense and knowing what types of tricks these people use. These scammers know your are in a tough position and play on your emotions taking advantage of you when they feel you are vulnerable.

If any one of these items are present there is a very strong chance it’s a scam.

  • The lender requires you to send money upfront to receive the loan. The lender will say they require this for any number of reasons which include but is not limited to the first months interest payment or a security deposit.

  • The loan lender asks you to use Western Union, Green Dot or any other similar money transfer systems that allows the recipient to remain anonymous.

  • The loan lender you speak to becomes irritable and talks down to you when you ask detailed questions about the lending process. They may threaten to take legal action if you do not proceed with the loan.

  • The lender sends you legal documents and the address on the documents doesn’t exist or is for another business. You can verify this by using Google maps to make sure there is a business at that location and what that business is. You can take this one step further by looking up the phone number for the address and calling to verify it’s actually a loan lending business.

    If your gut tells you something is off then it most likely is. Trust your instinct and go with it no matter how bad you need the money.

    If you believe you have been scammed you can use the information below to report it:

    1. Internet Fraud Complaint Center
    2. How to report scams to the FTC
    3. FTC online complaint form
    4. FTC toll free hotline: 877-FTC-HELP (877-382-4357)

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    1. My husband and I found out about the scams alittle to late. We got taken by a company that seemed legal but we came to find out that it wasn’t. The name of the company was briarwood Referrals and we sent them what we thought was a security deposit, but wasn’t now we are losing everything because we sent them all of our money. Our bills got backed up so now we can’t get a loan to get back up on our feet again because our credit score is so bad. So now we are about to lose our only car and our electric and water.

    2. Lily Boyd says:

      Your information has been very helpful to me , I am currently seeking a loan and I cannot afford to be caught up in someones foolishness. I have poor credit and I realize how hard it is to obtain a loan with my status , but I am employed and I can afford some kind of monthly payments . I really need to get a loan soon thank you for your knowledge.

      • Sheila Mcgee says:

        I tried to borrow to save my home. Temple Estate Lending said I could borrow money to help me..These people have taken 2,480 dollars from me and I have kept all my receipts. I wamt to know if there is anyone that could help me? Im still in contact with them. I would like to put these people out of business.

        I need help so that no one else gets scammed like this. I believe with the right kind of help it can be done. They still have same address and phone number.

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