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Your local state laws and financial history will determine the loan amount your are eligible for. Once you complete the loan application and if approved your loan interest rate details will be available for you to review BEFORE you accept the loan. You will NOT be given a loan unless you agree to your interest rate terms and repayment terms.

All loan lenders are required by law under The Truth in Lending Act to disclose all fees that the borrow will incur. This includes but is not limited to interest rate fees and any additional loan fees.

Your interest rate will vary depending on your local state laws, local regulations and your personal financial history. Please refer to your state laws regarding your local governments interest rate and loan fee policies.

Interest rates can vary from lender to lender and once again your state laws will affect your interest rate as well. Cash advance loans have higher interest rates than traditional bank loans of comparable value. Cash advance loans for bad credit pose a higher risk to the lenders which is why the interest rates will be higher. You should use this type of loan as short term financing to solve immediate cash needs only.

If you fail to payback your loan the lender may report you to the consumer reporting agency and pursue legal actions to recoup the sum of the owed amount. If the lender does report you to the consumer reporting agency this will have a negative impact on your credit so it’s important to repay your loan.

The lender may also offer you a renewal policy. It’s important that you read the terms carefully because there will be extra fees if you accept the renewal policy.

Cap Credit ™ is not a loan lender or loan broker we provide a payday loan lender matching service. When you complete the loan application your information is transmitted through a 256bit encrypted secure server to many loan lenders. The loan lenders will review your loan application and contact you if you’re approved. Lenders may perform credit checks at their own discretion. By completing an application you consent to letting a loan lender contact you by email or telephone.

For specific questions about your loan please contact your lender directly. If you would like more information please review our privacy policy, faq page and tos.