How Much Americans Spend on Sports Each Year

How Much Americans Spend on Sports Each Year

Americans spend billions each year on sporting events, merchandise and other sports-related activities. To determine where all this spending is being done, you need to look at several different categories.

Retail Sporting Goods

More money is spent on sporting goods than the actual sporting event itself. Americans spend nearly $35 billion dollars a year on a wide variety of items, such as golf balls, football gear and much more.

Sports Logo Apparel

A recent study by the National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA) showed that Americans 16 years of age and older spent more than $8 billion on sports logo apparel. Males accounted for 60.9% of all purchases, while females accounted for the balance of 39.1%.

Sports Gambling

Sports gambling in the U.S. is a $400 billion dollar industry, with nearly $300 billion of those dollars coming from non-regulated, illegal bookmaking organizations. The state of Nevada clears $20 billion a year alone in sports gambling.

Spending on Sports by American Parents

It is estimated that American parents spend about $300 million dollars every year, just in registration programs for their children’s different sports fees. Add to this the amount of money these same parents are spending on sporting goods and travel to these events, and this number jumps to nearly $900 million per year.

Sports Media, Ad Spending and Pay-Per-View

Leading the charge in sports-related spending are ad spending and pay-per-view events. Companies paid an average of $3.5 million for a 30-second spot in the 2012 Super Bowl. The World Series, the NBA and NCAA Finals, and the PGA generate a huge amount of revenue each year in ad sales.

Add to this the money Pay-Per-View draws in from sporting events such as UFC, major boxing matches and more, and it’s estimated that Americans spend upwards of $10 billion dollars every year to be entertained by these sports.


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