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Personal Finance

HIdden Fees

Watch out for Hidden Investment Royalties from Portfolio Management Companies

Stories of outrageous management compensation packages have been headline news for years now. However, these stories have almost exclusively focused on the executives of financial institutions. While the finance industry is certainly a major offender for overpaying its board at the expense of investors, it is interesting to notice how stories from other industries are […]

Mortgage Fee's

Mortgaging Fees, and the Costs of Secured Borrowing

Modern mortgages have become increasingly competitive in their pricing. Despite recent tactics taken on by financial institutions to improve their ability to offer low-cost borrowing for their clients, consumers still need to be aware of the costs of actual procuring a home-secured mortgage. While the long-term savings on interest payments are attractive, the upfront cost […]

Home Inspection

How to Negotiate a Home Leveraging Home Inspections and Financing Options

Home Inspection Having discussed in the last article how it is that a new home buyer needs to negotiate the price of a $220,000 home down by 10% ($20,000) in order to see a $100/month improvement in their mortgage payment, I’d like to take the opportunity to now move into a discussion about how we […]

Business Men

How Much Money Do You Really Save When Negotiating a Home Price

Having spent this week looking at the different ways that a new home buyer can evaluate their purchase against the alternative of renting, we can now shift our attention towards the actual purchase of the house itself, and how it is that we can make sure that we are purchasing at a price that makes […]

House For Rent

Should You Rent a Home or Buy a Home?

Rental Analysis Housing prices have been a major point of contention for personal investors and savers alike. While mortgage rates and property values are offering huge discounts to consumers willing to purchase a new property, the risk of home ownership is still at an arguable high because of the market liquidity.

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U.S Trade Deficit

Copy & Paste to Share Presented by: What is Trade Deficit? Trade Deficit means that a country imports (consumes) a higher value of good and services than it exports (produces). This is comparable to spending more money than you’ve earned. “We must always take heed that we buy no more from strangers than we […]

Dangers of Smooking

Tobacco Kills Up to Half of its Users Everyday

Source: Tobacco Kills Up to Half of its Users Everyday Facts about tobacco: Over 15 billion cigarettes are smoked worldwide everyday. One in three cigarettes smoked in the world today are smoked in China. Tobacco use killed 100 million people in the 20th century. If current trends continue, tobacco will kill one billion people […]

The Curse of the Lottery

The Curse of the Lottery

Source: The Curse of the Lottery How the Lives of 11 Lottery Millionaires went catastrophically wrong – Callie Rogers – $ 3 Million (2003) – Janite Lee – $ 18 Million (1993) – Jack Whittaker – $ 315 Million (2002) – Ken Proxmire – $ 1 Million – Evelyn Adams – $ 5.4 Million […]

Top Five Richest Men

Who Are the Richest People In the World?

Source: Who Are the Richest People on the Planet? Forbes reported that there were 1,226 billionaires in 2012, an all-time high. The group’s net worth is $4.6 trillion in total, and their average worth is $3.7 billion. Below are the top 5 richest people in 2012. 1. Carlos Slim Helu & family Net Worth: […]

Cool Stats About Money

Things You Never Knew About Money

Source: Cool Stats About Money Current Estimates say that the Bureau of Engraving and Printing produces 26 million notes a day, with a face value of approximately $907 million. Nearly half of all the bills printed by the U.S. Mint are one dollar bills. The total face value of a day’s worth of printing The […]

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Top 10

Las Vegas

Top 10 Budget Travel Destinations

If you like traveling and think you don’t have enough money to travel much, think again. There are several destinations around the world that you can explore on a budget. Plan well and you could enjoy a great holiday without having to break the bank. Here’s our list of the top 10 budget travel destinations.

Bright Idea

Top 10 Business Ideas

Businesses are getting creative and innovative by the day. In fact, no business idea is impossible to execute. Every business starts with an idea or an inspiration and, for it to succeed and yield results in the long run, the ideas must be well founded, planned, and managed with skill and acumen. Here’s a list […]


Top 10 Ways to Get Fired from Your Job

You have found the job that you’ve always wanted, but you are not very sure about how to conduct yourself in a manner that is acceptable at your workplace. Besides your work performance, your actions and behavior also play an important role in job security. Here is a list of mistakes that you should never […]

Mortgage Mistakes

Top 10 Mistakes When Taking Out a Mortgage

Taking out a mortgage can be a daunting and long drawn out task, as it involves a lot of paper work. Because the process entails numerous transactions and financial decisions, it’s possible for to make mistakes that can prove costly. Here is a list of the most commonly made mortgage mistakes that you should avoid: […]

Stock Investment

Top 10 Stock Investing Tips

When you invest in a stock you essentially own a share of the company in which you invest. This means that a company is collectively owned by all its share holders. As a share owner you have a part claim on the company’s assets and earnings. This way the amount of money for which you […]

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Apple Inc. (AAPL) to split stocks following trading tomorrow

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) is preparing to go ahead with its 7 for 1 stock split tomorrow after trading has closed for the day. When the stock markets open again on Monday, June 9th, 2014, the new price will be in effect and trading will take place on that basis. The new price will likely […]


Emerging Russian Market Play to Consider

The markets continue to give investors anxiety as Europe continues to battle its debt crisis and the uncertainty of more Fed stimulus. Not to mention, US markets have been in rally mode this year with only a slight correction in May. However, as the “fiscal cliff” continues to emerge as a growing threat to the […]

Volatility Sign

Prepare Yourself for Inverse Stock Reactions to Acquisitions

Modern volatility has put an interesting twist on all sorts of major events that would normally be fairly easy to predict. Markets have rallied on the prospects of inflation, because it is usually stemming from economic stimulation, and they have declined on exponential increases in the value of the product (ie. Gold producers) because investors […]

Euro Decline

How You Can Take Advantage of the European Currency Repatriation

Over the last few days, we’ve discussed how some of the more aggressive speculators have been placing positions that favour the decline of the Euro in favour for the USD. However, because of the way in which such positions are far too risky for a personal investor to take on with their limited capacity for […]


How are Traders Forecasting Euro-Currency Repatriation

As the European Crisis evolves, a definite anti-euro currency trend has emerged in the markets. Specifically, investors have begun placing short-sell orders on the currency to hedge the costs of the recovery. While the mechanics of such investments are fairly complex, there is a unifying theme to each of these transactions. Specifically, investors are assuming […]

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Student Loans

Student Line of Credit

The Student Line of Credit Trap

Having taken the last few posts to fully understand how a student loan or line of credit (LOC) can be qualified for, and used towards financing an education, it is important that we also look at the potential down-sides of taking on this sort of debt. Specifically, many borrowers fail to realize just how complicated […]

Student Loan Application

How to Qualify for Student Loans

As mentioned in the last article, the key difference between a student loan and a student line of credit (LOC) is that the LOC requires a borrower to make minimum payments every month, while a straight loan will generally defer all payments until after the program has been completed. Because of this key difference, banks […]

Student Loans

Difference Between Student Loans and Student Line of Credit

As tuition levels rise to record new levels, student debt has become an increasingly popular way to finance higher education in the interests of rising to new career goals. With new and exciting career options opening up every day through higher education, lenders have begun to increase the sophistication with which they will lend to […]

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Types of Personal Loans

Payday Loan

Difference between Payday Loans and Personal Loans

Even though payday loans are not technically considered to be actual debts, everything about their actual usage suggests otherwise. Because of their characteristics, we can therefore compare payday loans against conventional loans to better understand how they work, and how it is that they might apply to use as personal savers and borrowers. This can […]

Payday Loans

What are Payday Loans and How Do They Work?

Payday loans are a fairly new financial product that has becoming increasingly popular over the last few years. With more than 23,000 stores nation-wide, they provide fast and convenient cash advances to people in a hurry. However, in exchange for that service, they charge an extremely high ‘financing fee’, and tend to bury their customers […]

Cash Loan

Bad Credit Loans

How to Choose Between a Secured and Unsecured Loan If you have a poor credit score and need funds to meet unavoidable expenses, bad credit loans are the best solution. Choosing a lender offering funds to bad credit borrowers is not too difficult, given the large number of such lenders operating in the country. Also, […]

Money With Check Mark

Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval

Using Guaranteed Approval Loans to Improve Poor Credit Most borrowers with bad credit scores have probably heard that loans exist for people with less than perfect credit scores. These types of loans are lifelines for bad credit borrowers who have an urgent need for funds but cannot find regular loans at affordable rates. Lenders of […]

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